Monday, 24 July 2017

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Rewatch & Review Part 1

I have been inspired to rewatch Buffy (with the intention of rewatching Angel as well once I get to that stage) and giving each episode a short review, throwing in a favourite quote or two from each episode as well, because Whedon-speak is the best!
For simplicity I'll be rewatching in this order suggested by the Buffyverse Wiki.
So here's the first few episodes as watched over the last few days!

01.01 Welcome to the Hellmouth

Rating: 4/5

Willow: “But aren’t you hanging out with Cordelia?”
Buffy: “I can’t do both?”
Willow: “Not legally.”

Back to where it all started (forgetting about the weird movie that was technically the origins of Buffy). A great first-half-of-pilot, introduces everything while still also being exciting and entertaining and funny. Xander's character introduction is my favourite, it just about sums up his character for the entire first season.

01.02 The Harvest

Rating: 3.5/5

Buffy: “Well, I gotta look on the bright side. Maybe I can still get kicked out of school.”
Xander: "Oh, yeah, that's a plan. Coz lots of schools aren't on hellmouths."
Willow: “Maybe you could blow something up! They’re really strict about that.”
Buffy: “I was thinking of a more subtle approach, you know, like excessive not-studying.”
Giles: “The Earth is doomed.”

The pilot concludes, already a seemingly could-have-been main character has been killed! No one is safe! A bit slow for the first half of this episode but they did have to go through the lore and the research I suppose.

01.03 Witch

Rating: 3.5/5

Giles: “This is madness! What can you have been thinking? You are the slayer, lives depend upon you… and you enslave yourself to this… this cult?”
*Camera pan to Buffy wearing a cheerleader costume*
Buffy: “You don’t like the colour?”


An interesting introduction to Buffyverse witches (which, wouldn’t you know, becomes important later on!). Not exactly amongst my favourite storylines or characters though.

01.04 Teacher's Pet

Rating: 3/5

Giles: “...this computer invasion that Willow is performing on the coroner’s office, one assumes that it is entirely legal?”
Buffy & Willow: “Of course.” “Entirely.”
Giles: “..right. Wasn’t here. Didn’t see it. Couldn’t have stopped you.”

Ah the giant bug episode. A classic trope of grossness that must be killed. I will always think of Men in Black first though! An alright episode overall, but not great in Buffy standards.

01.05 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

Rating: 3/5

Willow: “It’s a big deal. Tell her!”
Giles: “I’m afraid it’s very big.”
Willow: “Thank you! ...wait, what are you talking about?”
Giles: “What are you talking about?”
Buffy & Willow: “Boys!”

Another basic baddie ep, leading up to the creation of “the anointed one” who may in fact free the Master. Ooohhh. A fairly average episode as Buffy goes though. Oh no one boyfriend down, so many more to come?

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